Are you frustrated because the cookie-cutter exercise and diet approaches featured in fitness/diet books or magazines fail to transform you into one of their toned, twenty-something year-old models?

My Body Physics knows the missing ingredient from these "one-size-fits all" approaches is your uniqueness, the one and only you.

Change Your Thoughts About Exercise; Change Your Body

Starting with your unique needs, we create personalized programs to:

●  Tone your body, make you stronger, and reduce your risk of future injury.

●  Increase your muscle/learn body mass and bone density.

●  Offer progressive, 30-45-minute exercise sessions that take your fitness to a new level.

●  Avoid boredom by providing you with a variety of exercises that progressively challenge you.

Our progressive exercise system combined with your personalized nutrition plan will strengthen your muscles, tone your body, increase your endurance, improve your coordination/balance, and help prevent future injuries.

Simple Exercise Tip:  The best exercise for you is the one you enjoy, and you'll do every day.

Please contact us to schedule a 30-minute consultation for either a postural assessment/exercise session; a discussion of your three-day food diary; or a review of your stress indicators at a special reduced rate.

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While we emphasize an integrated, personalized approach to health, fitness, and wellness, My Body Physics' programs are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, manage, or cure disease or condition.  We strongly recommend you consult with your physician or healthcare professional before beginning any exercise and/or health/wellness program.









"Those who think they don't have time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness."

                       Edward Stanley